Terms & Conditions

Version:These Terms and Conditions (2020.V1) are effective from 1 September 2020 and will replace all previously published versions of the Trades Training Centre Terms and Conditions and any other terms and conditions relevant to student applications and tuition fees.
Scope:This document sets out the Terms and Conditions, which form part of the contract between Trades Training Centre (on the one hand) and the Student applicant who has accepted an offer of a place on a programme delivered at Trades Training Centre (on the other hand).
Tuition fee: The tuition fees for all Trades Training Centre programmes are published on the relevant pages of its website at http://www.mcqueensglobal.com. The published fees apply to specified start dates and maybe subject to changes in respect of subsequent start dates.




1.1          How to apply
Once you found the course of your interest, you must apply online and create an account. You will be required to complete relevant details, upload your documentation and submit your application. You will then receive an acknowledgement by email upon completion of your application, so please ensure your email address is correct.

Your application will be considered by our Registry Team and if successful, you will receive a letter by email inviting you for an interview. When attending the interview, you must bring along the relevant original documentation in order to complete your registration.

Unless otherwise advised, you are also responsible for applying directly for membership of external awarding bodies where relevant. You must pay your membership and/or examination fees directly to the external awarding bodies and these will be separate from your tuition fees payable to Trades Training Centre as detailed in Section 3 below.

1.2          Documents required in support of application
You must provide the original copy of the following documentation to support your application:

  • all your original qualifications to date;
  • your valid passport and/or birth certificate; Driving License
  • Upload passport-sized photograph with your application;
  • evidence of your current address
  • Reference letters from employers detailing dates of employment, position held and duties if applicable, which must cover a period of at least three years if your qualification is from overseas.
  • a copy of your CV and a personal statement
  • proof of English Language test certificate with score equivalent to at least Level B2



2.1 Withdrawal of programme
If Trades Training Centre makes you an unconditional offer of a place on one of its courses, this offer is subject to the recruitment of sufficient student numbers to make delivery of your course viable from an educational and financial perspective. 

Trades Training Centre therefore reserves the right to withdraw a course (even after you have accepted an offer and paid a Tuition Fee Deposit) should it not be economical to run the course by the scheduled start date.

In these circumstances, Trades Training Centre will refund all tuition fees paid, but will not accept responsibility for any other loss.

Trades Training Centre will seek to offer you an alternative course that it delivers or delivered by other education provider in London should you wish so.

2.2 Withdrawal from programme
If you decide that you no longer wish to continue with your course, you must discuss with your Personal Tutor first about your decision.

If withdrawal turns out to be your best option, you must complete a notification of leave form and hand it to Personal Tutor straight away. It is really important that you hand in the form as soon as you have decided to withdraw as you may be liable for additional course fees if we have not been officially informed and your withdrawal request approved.

All withdrawal applications are subject to our usual terms and conditions. Students will not be eligible for any refund and will be liable to pay any outstanding fee at the time of the withdrawal.

2.3 Substitution of alternative education provider
In respect of any course on offer, Trades Training Centre reserves the right to substitute any alternative education provider of similar standing in place of those providers published by awarding, validating or supervisory bodies. Such a substitution does not constitute a default by Trades Training Centre under Section 3.2.1(b) below and will not entitle you to any refund of tuition fees already paid.

The right of Trades Training Centre to cancel application, withdraw offer or terminate attendance
By submitting an application, you confirm that all information provided on the application form is true, complete and accurate and that none of the information requested or other material information has been omitted or is fraudulent.  If you supply any false, inaccurate or misleading information, Trades Training Centre reserves the right to cancel your application, withdraw its offer of a place or terminate your attendance at Trades Training Centre and you shall have no claim against Trades Training Centre in relation thereto.

2.4 Interruption of your studies

An interruption of studies is an approved leave of absence from all study for a maximum period of 3 months and may be taken for a number of reasons e.g. health, financial, academic or personal reasons.  This 3 months period starts from the date of the original advertised enrolment date for the course, as per your original offer. Your Course Leader has to approve requests for interruptions of studies, so if you’re thinking about interrupting, you should discuss with your Personal Tutor first.  Any financial implications of interrupting your studies may be discussed with the Registry Manager.  If you decide to interrupt your studies you must complete a special form, and provide evidence to support your reasons for wanting this.  Once you have completed this form and handed it in to Registry, it will be considered by a Course Committee, and they will let you know whether they have approved your request or not. You will be liable to pay the tuition fees which prevail at the time you actually start the course.



3.1        Payment of Tuition Fee
All fees are payable in advance when an unconditional offer for a place on one of the courses at Trades Training Centre is made.

Upon receipt of the Tuition Fee Deposit, Trades Training Centre will reserve a place for you on the course, subject to Section 2 above.

The Tuition Fee Deposit is not refundable, except in the circumstances set out in Section 3.2 below.

3.2          Refund of Tuition Fee
Once you have accepted an unconditional offer of a place on a Trades Training Centre course, you are liable to pay, in full, the total tuition fees payable for the whole year of the course.

However, if you withdraw within two weeks of the course’s advertised enrolment date, you will only be liable for 25% of the total fees payable for the whole year of the course. Any fees paid in excess of this amount will be refunded.

A refund request must be submitted in writing no later than four weeks after the course’s advertised enrolment date. The Registrar or the Finance Department must be notified in writing of the reason for seeking a refund at least one month before the scheduled start of the course along with supporting documents which include:

  • ·A completed Refund Application Form. The amount sought should allow for £50.00 administration charges payable to the College.
  • ·A written notice of withdrawal from the course is received by the College.

Before the scheduled commencement of the course, the student may request the transfer of tuition fee paid to same course commencing on a later date. This request will be placed before the Sub-committee in existence to vet such requests and the decision this Sub-committee makes will be final. The decision will be notified to the applicant in writing within 6 weeks of the request being received.

3.3          Valid refund applications received by the College after the Course has commenced

Only application for refund of the tuition fee relating to academic terms that are yet to come on-stream will be processed subject to the usual conditions.

3.4          Other facts concerning refunds

  • ·All property belonging to the College in the custody of the student (including the Student Identity Card) must be returned to the College in good condition. The cost of property lost or damaged by the student will be made good in full.
  • ·It can take up to four weeks for the processing of refunds.
  • ·No interest is payable on refunds.
  • ·Refund is made only to the party that made the payment to the College. Submitting proof of making the payment to the College will be required.
  • ·All refunds are made subject to the covering approval of the Executive Committee.
  • ·Students who submitted application for admission to join the College through their recruitment agent must apply through the same agent for the refund of the tuition fee.


If you have accepted an unconditional offer to study at Trades Training Centre, you would be responsible to pay your tuition fee to the Trades Training Centre. You will be personally liable for the other financial charges set out at Section 7.2 below.


5.1     Payment of Tuition Fees

You must pay the Tuition Fee Deposit in accordance with Section 3 above.

The following tuition fee policy payment options are available for the balance of your tuition fees for the first year of your course:

  • You may pay the balance of your tuition fees by instalment agreed between you and the finance department. – NOTE: to be accepted onto this instalment plan you will be required to sign a separate agreement, complete and sign a standing order mandate;
  • The instalment will include the 10% surcharge based on the unpaid balance of the fee. However, if you pay the balance of the tuition fee within 3 months of the course commencement date, the 10% surcharge may be waived at the discretion of the finance staff;  


    If you have completed one year of study with Trades Training Centre you are classified as a continuing student for tuition fee purposes.

6.1           All other continuing students
The following tuition fee payment options are available for the next level of your course:

  • You may pay the total fees payable for the next course by the course’s advertised enrolment date; or
  • You may pay 50% of the total fees payable for the next course by the course’s advertised enrolment date and the balance by instalment plan as agreed.



7.1            Other financial charges
You may be required to purchase prescribed textbooks.

                  You may also incur the following additional financial charges:

  • Instalment plan for the payment of tuition fees with 10% surcharge
  • Re-sit Fee – taught module (i.e. the charge for re-sitting an assessment) – £350 per assessment and a maximum of £650 per module or pro-rata calculation which could be lower or higher
  • Re-sit Fee – dissertation (i.e. charge for re-submission) – £350
  • Re-take Fee (i.e. the charge for re-taking a module, including dissertation) – pro-rata gross annual fees
  • Duplicate academic transcript – £25
  • Duplicate Trades Training Centre Certificate – £50
  • Duplicate Trades Training Centre Letter – £10


    If your tuition fees have not been paid in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, the following sanctions will/may be applied (this list is not exhaustive):
  2. You will incur a late payment charge of 10% of unpaid fee
  3. You will not be issued with any official academic transcript, assessment results, or graduation certificate
  4. You will not be permitted to progress to the next year of your course
  5. You may be excluded from classes and other educational services and activities provided by Trades Training Centre or its partners
  6. You may be excluded from taking assessments (including formative assessments)
  7. You may be withdrawn from the course, in which case the outstanding tuition fees will become payable immediately


    When you make a payment please quote your Trades Training Centre student number (your student number starts with three zeros followed by a series of six digits).

9.1            Cash payments
Cash payments may only be made in person at the office, and must be in GBP currency.  You will be issued with a receipt, which you must retain as proof of payment.

9.2            Credit card or debit card payments
Credit card payments may be made in person at the office. You will be issued with a receipt, which you must retain as proof of payment. A secured online payment facility is available. If payment is made by credit card, a credit card charge of 2% on the amount paid is levied and is payable in addition to the amount paid.

9.3            Bank transfers
You can pay by direct transfer to Trades Training Centre bank account:

For security reasons details are available on request. 


    If you fail to report to the College within 10 days after the commencement of your course, you will no longer have a place on the course.

You are required to attend all lectures as a condition of your enrolment. You are required to take all tests and submit assignments set by your tutors. Failure to adhere to these requirements may render you liable to penalties as set out in section 8 above, which may in turn affect your course fees, duration and completion of your studies.

You will be required to produce a medical certificate if you are absent from scheduled classes for more than 3 consecutive days owing to illness.

You must inform Trades Training Centre of any change in your UK address and contact details.

You will be permitted to sit examinations only if your attendance is near 100% and are recommended by your Course Leader. Although Trades Training Centre informs, advises and assists you in examination entry procedure, it is entirely your responsibility to register with the professional bodies as student members and register for external examinations on time.


    Trades Training Centre issues its own Academic Regulations, Student Charter, Policies and Procedures, which may be amended by Trades Training Centre from time to time. You are required to comply with all such regulations, charters, policies and procedures, where relevant, throughout your studies with Trades Training Centre. If you are studying a course which is awarded, validated or supervised by another education provider, you will additionally be required to comply with the education provider’s regulations, policies and procedures where relevant.


  1. Trades Training Centre LIABILITY
    Trades Training Centre liability to you is limited to repayment of your tuition fees (or part thereof) in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Trades Training Centre will not accept liability for any costs and/or charges incurred by you over and above this amount.


    These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and Trades Training Centre, and they override all prior agreements, terms or statements in connection with your application to undertake a course at Trades Training Centre and the tuition fees payable in respect thereof. No director, employee or agent of Trades Training Centre is authorised to make any representation or warranty not contained within these Terms and Conditions.

No variation, modification or alteration of any of these Terms and Conditions shall be of any effect unless evidenced in writing signed by you and an authorised senior officer on behalf Trades Training Centre.


I confirm that I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions outlined by Trades Training Centre above. Furthermore, I understand that full attendance and engagement are conditions of my enrolment and that Trades Training Centre reserves the right to suspend me and may remove me entirely from the programme should I fail to attend scheduled classes or submit my assessments. I confirm that I wish to accept my place at the Trades Training Centre subject to these Terms and Conditions.